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Aims & Objectives

  1. To lay down protocols for scanning and interpretation of lung diseases.

  2. To lay down protocols for accrediting centres for chest radiology and imaging.

  3. To conduct workshops and training programs in the field of chest imaging and intervention to improve the knowledge base of doctors.

  4. To conduct mid-term Continuing Medical Education (CME)s and an annual conference to update participants regarding the state-of-the-art in chest imaging and intervention.

  5. To produce white papers on various aspects of chest imaging and intervention.

  6. Collaboration with pulmonology societies and international thoracic radiology societies.

  7. Collaborative research among institutes especially directed to find imaging solutions relevant to India/developing countries.

  8. Creating sub-speciality training opportunities and outlining the curriculum for the same.

  9. To bring out periodical news bulletins and proceedings of the conferences to encourage members of the Society and medical profession in professionalism, research, innovation, publications and knowledge sharing.

  10. To aid, stimulate and promote the development of radiology and imaging profession and other activities related thereto in India with special reference to development and growth of the profession in general.

  11. To prepare, exhibit, edit, print, publish, issue, acquire and circulate books, journals, papers, periodicals, gazettes, circulars, pamphlets, posters and others technical, scientific, industrial or commercial write ups bearing upon the field of chest radiology and imaging and/or related fields or any of them and to establish, form and maintain museums, collections, libraries and of literature, statistics scientific, commercial data and other information relating to chest radiology and imaging or to matters of interest to the Members thereof including for the spread of Scientific, Industrial and commercial knowledge concerning the chest radiology and imaging and to translate, compile, collect, publish, lend and sell, and endeavour to secure, or contribute to, the transaction, compilation, collection and publication, by Government Departments and other bodies or persons of any such literature, statistics and information, and to disseminate the same by means of circulation of and reading of seminars but so however that this object shall not involve carrying on of any activity for profits.

  12. To collect, arrange, index and publish information likely to be useful to the profession of chest radiology and imaging and to establish and maintain a bureau of information for the benefit of members of the Society and an attempt to be present across all social media outlets, including but not restricted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Registration No.:



Registered Office:

     Bhaveshwar Vihar, 383 SVP Road, Mumbai 400004 Maharashtra

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