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Membership of the Society

The Membership of the Society shall consist of

the following classes of members

     (a) Founder Members

     (b) Life Members

     (c) Honorary Members

     (d) Corporate Members

     (e) Corresponding Members

     (f) Student membership category for SCII


Founder Members:

The following persons shall be the Founder Members of the Society.

They shall be the life members of the Society.

     1.  Dr. Ashu Seith Bhalla

     2. Dr. Bhavin Govindji Jankharia

     3. Dr. Vimal Raj

     4. Dr. Aparna Irodi

     5. Dr. Parang Sharad Sanghavi

     6. Dr. Ravinder Kaur

     7. Dr. Sumit Mukhopadhyay

     8. Dr. Anu Kapoor


Life Members:

Any radiologist qualified from any recognised institution in India or abroad interested in the sub-specialty of chest radiology. (For applying for life membership kindly fill the form. Once the membership is approved by the Executive council, you will be sent the payment link. This process may take up to a few months).


Honorary Members:

Any person who is a renowned Doctor having recognition in the sub-specialty of chest radiology by the Medical Council of India or similar body, for such duration as they deem fit and proper and such person may render meritorious and exemplary service to the Medical profession of chest radiology and related field.


Corporate Members:

Any Body Corporate, Firm, Society of persons or Body of Individuals, whether incorporated or not which is interested in the sub-speciality of chest radiology. A corporate member can continue to be the member till such time it continues to be interested in the sub speciality of chest radiology, as determined by the Executive Council.


All applications for membership shall be placed before the Executive Council (EC) on its first meeting after the receipt of such application for membership. The Applicant shall become the member of the Society when his application is approved by the Executive Council with effect from such date or dates as may specify in that regard. The EC may and shall be entitled to reject any application without assigning any reason thereof. In such an event, the applicant’s subscriptions paid along with the application shall be refunded along with the letter intimating the decision.

Corresponding Members:


Radiologists working in the field of Thoracic Radiology fields and residing/ working outside of India. They shall be entitled to use various facilities and teaching resources developed by the Society. They will not be eligible to stand for office/vote and hence will not be member of the General Body meetings of the Society.

Student membership category for SCII


This category applies to all radiologists in training pursuing MD, DNB or DMRD in the field. 


The charges are Rs 1000/- for the entire duration of their student period. This membership will be valid for upto one year after completion of degree/ diploma or 4 years (whichever is later) and shall be deleted after 4 years.

If the student chooses to take a life membership subsequently, this amount will be adjusted against the charges of life membership at that time. 


Amount can be paid through a link on the website.


Benefits of membership are : Through “members only area of the website” the members will have access to 

1. Watermarked PDF’s of the abstracts of the oral and eposters presented during the SCII CON 

2. Access to the case of month and quiz section. Answers to these will be invited every month and the results collated. The correct answers will be posted one week after the case /spot posted. 

3. Two awards will be given in each category; cases and quiz and the rank 1 will be given a podium presentation of 5minutes in the next annual meeting and receive a certificate for the same. 

4. Members are eligible to submit proven cases and spots for these sections with their guides / co-authors 

5. Each of these will be posted with the name of the authors submitting the cases. 

6. Periodic updates will be posted on the website highlighting the key publications in thoracic radiology (journal club sections)

7. Members will also be eligible for other awards category during the year and informed periodically.

Non-SAARC Countries Rs 15,000 + GST

SAARC Countries Rs 10,000 + GST

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